The increase of new airports in India results in a boom in the International Air Freight Industry.

The air freight industry is growing at such a high pace that the amount of freight transported by Indian airports grew by 27% to 3.1 million tonnes from 2.5 million tonnes. International freight increased by 29% to 1.9 million tonnes from 1.2 million tonnes. Indian air cargo grew in popularity, and the cargo industry contributed significantly to the international aviation industry's ability to generate income.

The number of freighters operated by Indian airlines has climbed from 5 as of March 2020 to 25 as of today, according to the WorldACD air cargo rankings, and the percentage of cargo carried into and out of India by sovereign flag carriers has increased from 2% to 19%. Additionally, an Indian flag carrier has entered the top ten cargo carriers from India for the first time. By prioritizing the development of transportation hubs at all major Indian airports, the National Air Cargo Policy 2019 (NACP) also correctly proposes to capitalize on India's advantageous position between the manufacturing hubs to the east and south-east of Asia and with the consumption centers in Europe and the Americas within the year 2025

For the next five years, the Airport Authority of India intends to invest Rs 25,000 crore (US$3.58 billion) to upgrade the infrastructure and facilities at airports and UK business groups plan to invest US$135.9 million (Rs 950 crore) in the new airline TruStar from Hyderabad-based Turbo Aviation with international flight capacity has expanded by the Ministry of Civil Aviation by 50% to 65%. Due to the expansion of airports and the resulting ease of product availability, the Air freight industry is currently experiencing a large increase in the overall performance with all the international stakeholders.