Boost in Overall Logistics by the Introduction of New Multi-Modal Cargo Hub In Noida

At the planned Noida International airport, a Multi-Modal Cargo Hub (MMCH) will be developed by Air India, a prominent name to reckon in the cargo and logistics industry. The new cargo centre, which covers 80 acres of land, would offer rapid, practical, and multi-modal connections to and from manufacturing areas within India.

The multi-modal cargo centre will enable effective and quick processes, correcting existing logistics barriers, and enable predictability to operations. Air India has gained an enriched experience in managing both narrow and wide-body cargo carriers. Every year, it manages about 1,30,000 flights in terms of ground and cargo handling.

For freight forwarders and integrators, this new logistics zone will impart a shipment centre as well as a warehouse zone. Additionally, they are planning to construct transportation infrastructures for assisting in the road-to-road, road-to-air and air-to-road connections in the coming times.